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Digestion Tincture
Digestion Tincture
Digestion Tincture
Digestion Tincture
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Digestion Tincture

Let’s get regular. Increase digestive juices to better breakdown food, reduce gas, and absorb nutrients. Learn More.

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Turkey Tail** (Trametes versicolor-fruiting body), Yarrow** (Achillea millefolium),  Dandelion Root* (Taraxacum officinalis radix), Motherwort* (Leonurus cardiaca), Oregon Grape Root* (Berberis acquifolia),  Gentian Root* (Gentiana lutea), Burdock root* (Arctium lappa), Grain Alcohol (gluten free) ~30% by volume, Reverse Osmosis Water

*Organic **Organically grown, non-certified

Tinctures are highly concentrated plant extractions. We make ours with mushrooms and herbs, some of which are adaptogenic, meaning their function actually adapts according to the changing needs of our bodies. Taken regularly, their transformative powers can be a key ingredient in your journey to feeling your best. Let your mushroom ceremony begin.

Shake well and take 2 droppers (2 ml) 30 minutes before eating, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Tastes powerful on it’s own. Consume straight into your mouth, or mix it into water, coffee, tea, smoothies, milks and juices to have it’s taste blend away.


Dual Extracted


Ethically Sourced

Cruelty Free


Recyclable Packaging

Product of Canada


You aren’t what you eat, you are what you absorb.  Our digestion is foundational to our overall health, as it is the gateway for all nutrition to enter (and exit!) our body.  If we cannot break foods down properly, we risk not absorbing key nutrients that are essential for cellular function.  This formula tastes bitter for a reason- bitters are traditionally associated with “stoking the fire” of our digestion, encouraging enzymatic processes, increasing helpful digestive juices such as bile, and supporting a reduction in uncomfortable symptoms of indigestion such as bloating and gas.

Arctium lappa, Organic
Burdock Root is a nutritive herb that supports liver function and bile secretion, which optimizes the digestion of fats.  Burdock can help with hormonal balance through this mechanism, while also relieving liver congestion and neutralizing metabolic waste products from the blood.

Trametes versicolor, Organically grown, non-certified
Turkey Tail has been used by doctors in China and Japan for digestive discomfort and is also a prebiotic, meaning it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your microbiome. Turkey Tail also has strong immunomodulating properties-- seeing as the gut and immune system are fundamentally linked, it makes sense that it would benefit both simultaneously.

Taraxacum officinalis radix, Organic
Dandelion root is a potent herb with a strong affinity for the liver. Considering your liver’s central role in digestion, hormone regulation, and immunity, supporting its function equates to supporting all of your body’s metabolic processes.

Achillea millefolium, Organically grown, non-certified
Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory herb that possesses gentle bitter and antispasmodic properties- these encourage enzyme secretions and reduce cramping to benefit digestion.

Leonurus cardiaca, Organic
Like Dandelion root, Motherwort is considered a “bitter” herb that helps to stimulate digestive secretions, which in turn benefit our ability to break down nutrients.

Berberis acquifolia, Organic
Oregon Grape Root gently stimulates the functions of the liver and gallbladder to assist in detoxification and assimilating nutrients in the digestive process.

Gentiana lutea, Organic
Gentian root increases the production of saliva and other digestive juices, which helps jumpstart the digestive process.



A polysaccharide in Turkey Tail (PSK) has been approved for cancer treatment in Japan, due to its strong anti-tumour properties.  On the whole, Turkey Tail has been used by doctors in China and Japan for digestive discomfort. 


Formulated for easy absorption, our tinctures aren’t only concentrated, they’re highly bioavailable.  In a nutshell, this means it requires very little energy for your body to absorb active compounds, ensuring you get maximum benefits from each daily dose.

We only use the best quality ingredients, as confirmed by our Quality Assurance Officer through inspection and organoleptic testing. We also do third party testing on our final products to ensure no microbial contamination, heavy metals, or pesticides. Each of our products meets, and will always meet, this rigorous criteria.