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Ceremony Mushrooms was born in 2020 by a health-forward team (with holistic nutrition and clinical research backgrounds).  We have long loved mushrooms and herbs for their incredible benefits, but could never find a sustainable way to incorporate them into our daily routines, despite how health conscious we are.  The taste or texture change that came from powders was always too much of a tradeoff to our beloved morning coffees or matchas, and we wanted to fully trust the quality of whatever it was we were putting in our bodies.

This past year has been challenging for all on so many levels, physically and mentally.  We knew it was the year to finally put these creations out into the world to support people in what we believe are the core, foundational components of everyone’s health- your sleep, digestion, stress, and immune function.

Part of our mission is to empower people with knowledge on the health benefits of herbs and mushrooms, their adaptogenic properties, and their innate healing abilities, along with other aspects of health to support people on their wellness journey- wherever it takes them.  With knowledge comes power, and with this power we believe the best version of ourselves can be realized.


Optimizing health is the core of what we do. We believe the main pillars of health are digestion, sleep, stress management, and optimal immune function - we address all of these with our top four products. We see these as the foundational components to support any health deficiencies in the most holistic way possible.


We have a strong focus on the quality of the raw materials which are used to make our tinctures, as well as the process of extraction, which for mushrooms requires a dual extraction.  This is so that we can deliver the maximum benefit of these plants and herbs and make the final product as potent as possible.


We are rooted in sustainability and mindfulness; our approach to building an environmentally conscious brand was to leverage recyclable materials for our packaging and to harvest ethically sourced, raw materials for our products. 

We believe in a future foundation approach, which means not only supporting the health and wellness of our internal bodies, but also the environments and ecosystems in which we live and breathe.